Welcome to the ABC Very Small Water System Practice Exam!

You will have 30 days from the time you receive your confirmation e-mail to complete the examination. During that time, you can open the exam as often as you like. However, once you grade the entire exam you will not be able to access it again. You may use the practice exam in two different ways:

1.    You can receive immediate feedback. If you want to use this strategy, you can immediately grade each of your responses and then display the correct answer.

2.   You can take the examination just like you would take the certification examination by simply answering each question.

The HELP window below describes each option in the exam window. You can view this window at any time while taking the exam.

Upon completion of the exam, click on COVER and you will be given the option of displaying your results. After viewing your feedback and mastery score report, each report will be e-mailed to you. Once you ask for a score report, you will no longer have access to the practice exam.

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